一場意外,開始了自學的旅程,由手縫一塊歪斜的小布標開始,點點滴滴的累積,收藏每一 個深夜的練習。 每一個包包從布料、五金至線條都謹慎,將拼接的部位做到最堅固、收口的部份呈現最細微。期盼衷心製作的每一件成品,能陪伴使用者延續不同的故事,在凡事追求速成的現代,緩慢堆積屬於自己的價值。




I started my journey as a self-taught designer out of an accident. I am a professional designer with nothing but passion on crafting. I am as careful as I possibly can in every process of bag making, from the original design to the sewing; from the fabric choosing to hardware and line selections. I make sure that the jointed parts to be nice and firm. I am focused on casting off for the most delicates parts to be shown. As an independent crafter, the numbers of works that I finished does not matter. I only produce works that I relate to with all my heart at my own pace. In the rapid-changing world, I craft my value slowly but gracefully.