A brand with life traces.

Each BJD deserves unique and the most exquisite and accessories. Therefore, I hand-make all the works by myself, hoping every craft to be a life companion of the collectors. ♪♫

I started my journey as a self-taught designer out of an accident. I am a professional designer with nothing but passion on crafting. I am as careful as I possibly can in every process of bag making, from the original design to the sewing; from the fabric choosing to hardware and line selections. I make sure that the jointed parts to be nice and firm. I am focused on casting off for the most delicates parts to be shown.

As an independent crafter, the numbers of works that I finished does not matter. I only produce works that I relate to with all my heart at my own pace. In the rapid-changing world, I craft my value slowly but gracefully.

It has come to my attention that many BJD collectors prefer dressing their BJDs with special accessories. Not only aren’t they fond of the mass-produced products, they also wish their dolls to be unique. My products allow all the dolls to have the most suitable, unique and exquisite accessories.