1/3 Clutch Bag



🔹H: 4cm W: 4.5cm
🔹Bottom 4.5cmx2cm

🔹H: 5cm W: 6cm
🔹Bottom 5.5cmx2cm

🔹H: 5cm W: 6cm
🔹Bottom 4.5cmx cm

🔸Camel / M
🔹H: 5.5cm W: 7cm
🔹Bottom 4.8cmx2cm

🔸Dark Gray
🔹H: 7cm W: 8.5cm
🔹Bottom 7.5cmx2cm

🔹H: 4cm W: 5cm
🔹Bottom 4cmx1.5cm

🔸Camel / L
🔹H: 6cm W: 8.5cm
🔹Bottom 7.5cmx3cm

/ For /
Height 60cm BJD (1/3) dolls applicable

/ Material /
Cotton, metal, synthetic leather

/ Operate and maintain /
Available in semi erase dirty cotton

** Miniature Bags only, Dolls and other accessories are not included.
** Depending on the monitor, actual product color may be difference.
** Lining pattern may be changed.

Origin : Taiwan
Manufacturing methods : Handmade / Independent Design